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Programming Project 2 Part A –

ArrayLists Part A - ArrayLists

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Size())); * Reads file of names * @return ArrayList of Person class * @throws FileNotFoundException public static ArrayList<Person> readNames() throws FileNotFoundException { // Open scanner on file members.csv File f new File(members.csv); Scanner sc new Scanner(f); // TODO: create ArrayList of Person class variable p // Discard first line its the headers first name last name email etc sc.nextline(); // Loop through lines of the file while (sc.hasNextLine()) [ // Get the next line String line - sc.nextline(); Scanner scLine -new Scanner(line); // This allows us to use comma as the delimiter instead of whitespace scLine.useDelimiter(,); // Scan the line for the names & emails string first = scLine . next(); String last scLine.next(); String email -scLine.next(); // TODO: put the person into the ArrayListMembership Processor Notepad File Edit Format View Help /I TODO: return the ArrayList you defined return new ArrayList<Person>(); * Testing code - do not modify @param membership public static void testPartA(ArrayList<Person> membership) { // Test for correct total # of names if (membership.size() !=445) { System.out.println(Wrong number of names. There should be 445 after all removals and adds); return; // Test all 10 names removed for (Person p membership) if (p.getEmail().contains(-)) ( System . out, printin(String . format (oops didnt remove person %s %s %s, p.get FirstName(), - p.getLastName(), p.getEmail())); return; // Test that only 5 names added int count for (Person p membership) if (p.getEmail().contains(*)) count++; if (count != 5) { System.out.println(didnt add the right number of names); return, // Check sorting & overall work at specific random items int[] memberindexes = { 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 400 }; tring] expectedEmails- { Bill **, , amber , , , tasia  j; for (int í = 0; i < memberindexes.length; 1++) { String memberEmail - membership.get (memberIndexes[i]).getEmail(); if (ImemberEmail.equals(expectedEmails[i])) system . out, printin(string . format (Index %d expected %s but found %s, memberIndexes [1], expectedEmails[i], memberEmail)); System.out.println(Congrats - you passed all tests);Person Notepad File Edit Format View Help import java.util.*; import java.io.*; * Programming Project 2 * Part A ArrayLists *@author * Represents a person - first, last, email public class Person private string firstName; private string lastName; private string email; public Person(String firstName, string lastName, string email) this.firstName-firstName this.lastName-lastName; this.email-email; * @return the firstName public string getFirstName() { return this.firstName; * @param firstName the firstName to set public void setFirstName (String firstName) { this.firstNamefirstName; *@return the lastName public string getLastName() { return this.lastName; *@param lastName the lastName to set public void setLastName(string lastName) [ this. lastName = lastName ; x R * areturn the emailmodify this function to accept a parameter of a String filename, so it can be used for any filename. Modify its caller so that the function sworks on members.csv. Make sure to update its Javadoc header accordingly. o Modify readNames() to store each Person where indicated. o Verify that your code read 450 names. . Remove Names o Add a new call to readNames (removes.csv). Call this returned ArrayList removes. o Add a print Read Total of <#> removes to verify you read 10 removes. In the next steps you will take each of the removes, look for it in the membership, and remove it if found or print an error if not found. For Person class objects, we choose to use email names to test for equality because these are unique to a Person. o o Run the code. Did you find any of the 10 names to delete? Implement the Comparable interface on the Person class. Modify the Person class declaration to tell Java it will support the Comparable interface. Note this is parameterized which means you need to put the object type in the<>brackets just like you do for ArrayList. Note the red x reminding you that you must now add the compareTo method to the Person class. You must exactly match the compareTo interface definition (function name, parameters, return type). Test only the email field and matclh the compareTo interface return type definition. Now, replace .equals with .compareTo in your nested loops written above for removed in the above step. o o Add a print statement Total of>names after removals and verify you removed 10 Persons and now only have 440 left.Add a print statement Total of <#> names after removals and verify you removed 10 Persons and now only have 440 left. Add Names o Add another new call to readNames (adds.csv). Call this returned ArrayList adds Add a print statement Read Total of <#> adds and verify you read 5 adds. Write another loop similar to removes. For each member to be added, check for an existing member with the same last name only, and add it immediately after that member. Note this is a different criterion than used for the removes. Make sure to only add each name once. Print a message if you cant find a name and include the email name youre adding. o o Print out Total of <#> names after adding and verify its 445. Sort Now that you have implemented Comparable you can sort the list without having to write almost anything. Write the code to use the Collections class to sort the ArrayList. o *Check your work Add a call from partA() to testPartA() to double check your work. This is similar to the types of tests Practicelt runs on your code. If you have errors use the debugger to see where the problem is exactly in your data and work backwards to fix. o o Check the total number of names is correct at each step o Check your compareTo is sorting based on email names Check you are not accidentally insert or removing more than once (there are names to trip you up if you should not take care of this) o Use intelligent variable names. Intelligently naming all your variables can make the difference between readable bug-free code and illegible broken code. By convention, classes should begin with Uppercase letters, while regular variables should begin with lowercase letters. .* return the firstName public String getFirstName() { return this.firstName; 末朱 param firstName the firstName to set public void setFirstName(String firstName) { this. firstName = firstName ; * return the lastName public string getLastName() [ return this.lastName * @param lastName the lastName to set public void setLastName (String lastName) this.lastNamelastName; @return the email public String getEmail() return this.email; *@param email the email to set public void setEmail (String email) ( this.email - email; * Print out the name public string tostring) return Person [firstNamethis.firstName , lastName- this.lastName, email-this.email + ];

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