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Project 3.1 is installing Ubuntu. Follow the directions in the pictures below. Please respond back with screenshots and other important.

Project 3-1: Repair a Duplicate IP Address ARP can be a valuable troubleshooting tool for discovering the identity of a ANDMON RIO machine whose IP address you know, or for identifying the problem of two OB ON PROECTS machines assigned the same IP addres. Lets see what happens when two devices on the network have the same IP address. First you change the IP address of a local Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 machine to match an IP address of another device-in other words, you break the computer. Then you see how the arp command helps you diagnose the problem 1. Open a Command Prompt window and enter the command arp -a Your devices IT address is listed as the Interface address at the top of the list. Write down this IP address and the address of another device on the network. 2. Open the Network and Sharing Center, click Change adapter settings, right click the active network connection, and click Properties. If necessary, enter an administrator password in the UAC box and click Yes 3. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPy4) and click Properties. Set the IP address to match the other devices IP address that you wrote down in Step 1. The system auto matically assigns the Subnet mask, as shown in Figure 3-21, Click OK

192 111 53 253 253 Figure 3-21 Subnet mask field assigned automatically Source: Mircrosoft LLC 4. Back at the command prompt, enter ipconfig /all. 5. Find the appropriate network connection and identify your computers current IPv4 address. Has your computer identified the duplicate IP address problem yet? Your

Hands-On Projects 14 computer may also have autoconfigured another IP address. If so, what address did your computer resort to? 6. In the window on the left side of Figure 3-22, you can see a warning that the IP address is a duplicate. The system also shows a preferred IPv4 address of, which is a n APIPA address. How can you tell this is an APIPA address? Command Prompt Rutoconf aguration Enabled ire less LAN adapter Wi-Fi: Command Prompt Connectien-s bescript ion Physical ฉddress DRCP Enabled Autoconfi Link-local IPov6 ผิddress Autoconfiguration IPv4คddress : 69.254-181-132CPreferred) Cuhnet Mak IPu4 Rddress Suhnet Nash Default Gates DHCPv6 IAID ICP6 Client UID pecific DHS Suf fix İnte1(R> :9C-4E-36 Centrino (R) Wirele UsersJill West)arp-ส Interface: 0x4 ration Enabled . Internet Address Phys ical Addres FF-FF-FF-fE-FE-Ff : Yec I ype static dynanic dynanioc dynanic P169.254.255.255 00-80-87- : Duplicate> cc-6d-ad-C dymanic dynanc dynanic static static static static . 261901878 192.168. 80-0d-4h- 81-80-Se-80-86-82 01-AA-5e-88-0 16 81-88-5e-98-00-Ec 01-00-Se-26-ff-Fa FF F-EF-FE-EE-Ff : 90-81-00-81-12-DC-29-CD-9C-4 1.114 fec8:G:B:fEfF::11 fec3:0:0:ffFf::21 fec8:0:0 ffff :31 224.0..22 DNS Servers. Net B1OS over Tepijp static : Enabled Users Jill West> Figure 3-22 The computer automatically configured an APIPA address

Figure 3-22 The computer automatically configured an APIPA address Source Mircrosoft LLC 7. To confirm the duplication of IP addresses, enter the command arp -a You can see on the right side of Figure 3-22 that the local computers IPv4 address matches another IP address in the ARP table, and again you see the APIPA address assigned to the local interface. The solution to this problem is to set a different statio IP address through the Network and Sharing Center, or to configure the NIC to use DHCP to request a unique IP address. 8. Open the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties dialog box again and select the option Obtain an IP address automatically, then click OK. Close the Wi-Fi Properties dialog box, the Network Connections window, and the Network and Sharing Center window. 9. Run the ipconfig command or the arp -a command to confirm that a unique IP address has been assigned, then close the command window.

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