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Project B a shafl carrying gears at B, C and E and supported in two bearings at A The figare below shows shaft and D The pressure ange in all the gears ts 20 ees Adrwer gear at Cofdiameter d( drivers a power HP (see table) at 1200RPM of which TO% s trasmitted to gear B of dameler daand 30%togear E ofdiameerde The éstances AB, BC.CD, and DE are given in the table below. The location of the driver/driven gears are also shown in the figure below For group 10 only 10 Group Power (HP) AB(in) BC(in) CD(in) DE (in) dC (in) dB (in) dE (in) 0 4 4 12 10 Slope at 0.0018 radians 00014 radians 0 0036 radians Deflection at location Bearing (ball) Gear (Spur) 0.004in 0.012in 1 Forces 2. Shear, moment and torque diagrams 3. Possible critical points
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