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OdE-429877-1 &course-id-_157045-1 QUESTION 3 Interact Media Ltd has received an order from an educational group which has more than 30 schools spread across the country to design, produce and install 1400 units of 80 smart boards to all the classrooms. Is it a Project? True False QUESTION 4 The CEO of a large organization have asked the Marketing Manager to analyse the big data and prepare insightful report to make key decisions on a new product that was launched 6 months back. The report should be prepared and presented in two weeks time. Is it a Project? True False QUESTION 5 Hikari Ltd (Automobile LED Head Light Manufacturer) has received an order to produce and delivery 2000 units of head lights (Model no. X129) within 60 days with a budget of USD 400,000. Is it a Projet? True O False d uhmit Glick Sawe All Answers to save all answers
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