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Provide a pseudo-code of your proposed algorithm.

Alice and Bob are working on a survey about Password Strength for their Information Security project. One of the contributing factors in strength of a password is its length (i.e., the number of characters used in the password). Alice and Bob have decided to start with their own information as an initial step. To do so, Alice chooses n passwords she has ever used for some account of hers; then, she constructs a sorted list A (al < аг < . . . < an] containing the lengths of these passwords. Similarly, Bob constructs a sorted list B b < b2<...< bn containing the lengths of n passwords of his choice. Alice and Bob intend to find the median of values in AUB 6 Of course, Alice and Bob are NOT willing to exchange information and reveal these values to each other (that is THE rule!). However, they have found MagicCMP: A software which takes two indicesi and j as input; MagicCMP(,i) returns True if ai < bj and returns False otherwise. The software charges Alice and Bob S1 for answering each of their queries. As algorithm experts, you are assigned to help Alice and Bob to design a Divide-and-Conquer algorithm to minimize the expenses while finding the desired median of passwords lengths. Provide a pseudo-code of your proposed algorithm. Analyze the required expenses in an asymptotic sense as accurately as possible. You may make appropriate assumptions on n as long as the generality of your solution is not affected. Also, assume ai f bj for 1 Si,jS n

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