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Question: provide solution like state tables kmaps etc...

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Provide solution (like state tables, k-maps, etc)

Determine the characteristics of differeni llip-flops in order to design a synchronous and asynchrus digial sysicm For Problems 35 to 37, refer to Fig. oy 1/0 01 0rI 10 0I Figure 69 State diagram of a sequenil eircuil where X exlernal input contro QAQu slale of flip-llops A and B respcctivcly - exicrnal output signal 35. Ithecircuit is to he designed using D flip-llaps, what will be the input cqaon o he signal in the leasi significant flip-nup? 36. Wha is the input cquation of e signal in the most significant flip-ilop? 37. What is the cquation hecernal oulput signal? C. AB X D. A BX B. A +B+ X

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