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Question: python make a notebook and change the name of the...

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  • Make a notebook and change the name of the notebook to: YourLastNameInitial_HW_02 (for example, CychB_HW_02)
  • In a markdown cell, write a description of what the notebook does
  • Create a list of numbers from 0 to 100
  • Create another list that is empty
  • Write a for loop that takes the square root of all the values in your list of numbers (using np.sqrt) and appends them to the empty list.
  • Print out all the numbers that are divisible by 4 (using the modulo operator).
  • Plot the square roots against the original list.
  • Create a dictionary with at least 4 key:value pairs

  • Write your own module that contains at least four functions and uses a dictionary and a list. Include a doc string in your module and a comment before each function that briefly describes the function. Save it with the magic command %%writefile YOURMODULENAME.py

  • Import the module into your notebook and call all of the functions.
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