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Question: python program need it in 1 hour please i need...

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python program. Need it in 1 hour please
I need a simply program on python, please see attachment. Students will also write a brief reflection (one or two paragraphs) about new skills or insights they learned about programming from developing this program and how they can apply them to their current or future work.

Write a python program to make change for an amount of money from 0 through 99 cents input by the user. The output of the program should show the number of coins from each denomination used to make the change. See Fig. 2.34. it is attached

Please provide an error log that captures all error as you go along. You'll want to show what steps you took to resolve each error.

Attached is a screenshot of the required output

Enter amount of change: 93 Quarters: 3 Dimes: 1 Nickels: 1 Cents: 3 FIGURE 2.34 Possible outcome of Programming Project 1.

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