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Python turtle drawing board
3. Write a function named turtle shape anqle that takes in one mandatory parameter, a non-- negative integer n that will represent the number of sides in the desired regular polygon. Your function should return the value of the interior angle required for that polygon. Write out all of the steps for this function. 4. Write a function named turtle_geometry picture that has two parameters. The first parameter is mandatory and is an integer representing how far away from the origin each turtle should be (so a value oI I5 means each turtie shouid startl x and 15 y units away from the origin). The second parameter is optional and is an integer representing the starting angle of each turtle (so a value of 172 means each turtle should be rotated 172 degrees before being used to draw anything) Inside the function, you should create 4 turtles by calling your make custom turtle function. Each turtle must be a different color and shape. Move the 4 turtles, without drawing any lines on the screen, so that one turtle starts in each quadrant of the screen using the first input parameter to define the location.
ex: (15,15), (-15, 15), (15,-15), (-15,-15) would be the 4 start positions for an input value of 1!5 Use your turtles to draw 4 different shapes one in each quadrant. You must call your turtle_shape_angle function in the completion of this task. Your function should not return anything. Write out all of the steps for this function
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