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Q # 1 . A two-liquid double column enlarged-ends manometer is used to measure a high precision pressure difference between two points of a pipeline containing gas under pressure. The basins are partialy filled with methyl alcohol of specific gravity 0.78 and the lower portion of the U-tube is filled with mercury of specific gravity of 13.6. The specific weight of the gas which is methane is 0.476 kau)/m3. Find the pressure difference if the U-tube reading is 30 mm and the diameter of the basin is 15 times that of the U-tube. (See figure below: right). ustbang H O Methyl alcohol Sp. gr. 0.78 Hg 30 mm Mercury Q # 2 Find the pressure difference between Tanks A and B if di-2 ft, d2-6 inch; d-2.4 inch and di 4 inch. (See figure above lefi). ○ # 3. The pressure at the top of a tank of biofuel is 1.806 x 10 N/m, The depth of liquid in the tank is 21 ft. The specific gravity of the biofuel is 0.825. What is the head of the liquid in m that corresponds to the absolute pressure at the bottom of the tank? 4. What would be depth of a point below free surface in a tank containing oil where the pressure intensity is 10 kg (/cm? The specific gravity of oil is 0.S. Q #
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