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Q 4. (8 marks) [CLO 1, 2,3] (a) In formulating linear programming models a number of assumptions and properties are considered. What are these assumptions and properties of the linear programming models and why these are important for solving the linear programming problems?
b) A manufacturing company makes two models A and B of a product. Each piece of Model A requires 9 labor hours for fabricating and 1 labor hour for finishing. Each piece of Model B requires 12 labor hours for fabricating and 3 labor hours for finishing For fabricating and finishing, the maximum labor hours available are 180 and 30 respectively. The company makes a profit of AED 8000 on each piece of model A and AED 12000 on each piece of Model B. (1) Formulate the linear programming models for the above problem. 2) How many pieces of Model A and Model B should be manufactured per week to realize a maximum profit? (3) What is the maximum profit per week?
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