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(Q) It is required to design a spur gear speed reducer for a compressor running at 250rpm driven by 7.5 kW, 1000rpm electric motor. The centeir distance between the axes of the gear shafts should be exactly 250mm. The starting torque of the motor can be assumed to be 150% of the rated torque. The gears are made of carbon steel (SAE2345) The pressure angle is 20° The factor of safety is 2 for preliminary design .Assume that the number of teeth for pinion between 20 to 30 teeth and the face width is ten times the moduleu r JUq tpG 2CCOLiq (2) λ6SL2 louR (5001-5011) .l.pc l!Lt ap- 1.Design the gears and specify their dimensions. 2What is the safety factor against bending failure? Leue b·KE Note: The tecommended séries of modales i Inidiain Standard are T,1.25, 1.5,2, 253.4,s, 6.8,16.12. 16 20. 25, 32, 40 and 50,-pouioiGuco : The modules :125 375, .75,2.25, 2,75, 3.5,4.55.5. 7.9. 11. 14, 18, 22. 28,36 and 45 are of second choice,c u
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