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Q1: A 1000-bit packet arrives at a packet switch and finds 10 other packets waiting to be transmitted on the outgoing link. Assuming the transmission rate of the outgoing link is 5000 bits/second, what is the queuing delay experienced by the newly arrived packet? Show work, not just the final answer. Hint: The queuing delay for the newly arrived packet is the time required to transmit all the packets in front of it in the queue.

Q2: Suppose the round-trip time between a browser and a web server is RTT = 0.06 seconds. A page consists of a base html document that references 8 images in jpg format. Neglecting the transmission times required for the base page and the images, how much time elapses from when the user enters the URL of the base page in the browser until the page can be displayed by the browser assuming

    (a) Non-persistent, non-parallel connections ?

    (b) Persistent connections ?


3. Regarding the attached Wireshark capture, answer the following:

Which line in the GET request indicates that this is a conditional get ?

Did the server send the requested page to the browser? Why or why not ? Which line in the reply allows you to determine this ?

After receiving a request, how many seconds will the server wait for the next request to arrive before closing the connection? Which line in the reply contains this information ?

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