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Q-1 Each of the two blocks has a mass (5 Kg). 6 Marks The coefficient of kinetic friction at all surfaces of contact is 0.1. If a horizontal force P-50 N moves the bottom block 1- Draw free body diagram for each mass showing all forces Calculate the acceleration of the bottom block in each case 2- 0-2 The smooth particle has a mass of 80 g. It 7 Marks is attached to an elastic cord extending from O to P and due to the slotted arm guide moves along the horizontal circular path r = (0.8 sin ) m. If the cord has a stiffness 30 N/m and an unstretched length of 0.25 m, determine the force of the guide on the particle when the angular acceleration equal to 2 rad/s*2, the angular velocity 5 rad/s and the angle 60°. 04m/5rad
보시 The 0.5-kg ball is fired up the smooth vertical circular track using the spring plunger. The plunger keeps the spring compressed 0.08 m when s0. Determine how far it must be pulled back and released so that the ball will begin to leave the track when the angle equal to 135 deg. + 135° k=500 N /m
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