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Q10 AND Q11

10) (8 pts) An approaching train blows its whistle, tuned to the note F (49.4 Hz). The whistle has a power of 95 W. a) What frequency do you hear if the train is approaching at 120 km/hr? b) What is the change in wavelength of the whistle resulting from the trains movement? 11) Two loudspeakers, A & B are emitting waves of the same frequency f 1021 H2) in a room where the speed of sound is measured to be v 343 m/s. a) What is the wavelength of the sound emitted by the speakers? 2.0 m If a person at point P determines that the waves from the two speakers interfere destructively (it is quiet at point P), are the waves emitted from the speakers in phase or out of phase? Justify your answer. b)

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