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Q19. You have been asked to put together a brief for trial in a breach of contract case. Your firm acts for the plaintiff. While handing you the file, your boss grumbled “Make sure there is evidence of all the substantive requirements in the brief”. Explain what she is talking about in relation to each of the requirements.



In the previous question( question 19), you were required to discuss the substantive law as applicable to breach of contract action.

Q20. Explain what sort of evidence may be acceptable to a court in respect of each substantive element. In your answer (e.g., provide simple examples of how you might go about the collection or establishment of each piece of evidence and /or what form and/or content the evidence might take) and, generally what might you look out for in the gathering of proof of evidence (give two examples).

Each Substantive element and example of how it might be proved

What might you need to lookout for in the gathering of these proofs of evidence ( give two examples)



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