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Question: q24 please do not apply mesh or nodal analysis and...

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4. The circuit shown in Fig. 3.64 includes a device known as an op amp. This device has two unusual properties in the circuit shown: (11% 0 V and (2) no current can flow into either input terminal (marked andi the symbol), but it can flow through the output terminal (marked OUT This seemingly impossible situation-in direct conflict with KCL-is a of power leads to the device that are not included in the symbol. Based on this information, calculate Vout (Hin: two KVL equations are required, both involving the 5 V source.) inside 470 Ω 100 Ω OP AMP OUT FIGURE 3.64

***Please do not apply mesh or nodal analysis and solve the question with the given Hint. Apply KVL by taking 2 loops and finding 2 equations involving the 5V supply, then solve for Vout. Please provide complete solution with detailed explanation. Please don't skip any steps and show step by step solution. Please explain thoroughly. Provide diagram as well. Thanks!

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