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Q3. a) The state of an ideal gas can be described by 4 parameters: pressure (), volume (), temperature() and mass (). Copy out the table below into your answer booklet and, for each gas law, state the parameters that change and the parameters that remain constant. Changing Parameter(s) Constant Parameter(s) Law Boyles y- Lussacs b) What happens to the molecular kinetic energy of a substance during a change of phase (e.g. solid to liquid)? c) A vessel of volume 2.0 x 107 mm3 is filled with an ideal gas at pressure 0.20 MPa and at temperature 32°C. Calculate the number of moles of gas in the container d) The gas in the sealed of an engine has an initial pressure of 101 kPa of 32.0°C. The cylinder compresses so that the gas reduces to 20.0% of its original volume. As a result, the temperature of the gas increases to 600°C. Use this information to determine the pressure of the gas after the (10 marks) Q4. The pressure inside a bicycle tyre of volume 1.90 x 10m is 3.20 x 10 Pa when the temperature is 285 K (i) Calculate the number of moles of air in the tyre (ii) After the bicycle has been ridden the temperature of the air in the tyre is 295 K. Calculate the new pressure in the tyre assuming the volume
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