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Q3. (I) A certain car has 14.0 L of liquid coolant circulating at a temperature of 93°C through the engines cooling system. Assume that, in this normal condition, the coolant completely fills the 3.5-L volume of the aluminum radiator and the 10.5-L internal cavities within the aluminum engine When a car overheats, the radiator, engine, and coolant expand and a small reservoir connected to the radiator catches any resultant coolant overflow. Estimate how much coolant overflows to the reservoir if the system goes from 93°C to 105°C Model the radiator and engine as hollow shells of aluminum. The coefficient of volume expansion for coolant is B 410x 106 Co 04 The first real length standard, adopted more than 200 years ago, was a platinum bar with two very fine marks separated by what was defined to be exactly one meter. If this standard bar was to be accurate to within 1.0 um how carefully would the trustees have needed to control the temperature? The coefficient of linear expansion is 9 x 10 Co SECTIONII Q5 A 215-g sample of a substance is heated to 330°C and then plunged into a 105-g aluminum calorimeter cup containing 185 g of water and a 17-g glass thermometer at 10.5°C. The final temperature is 35.0°C. What is the specific heat of the substance? (Assume no water boils away.) Identify the substance.

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