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Q.3.[10] building located in Orland roof). The dimensions of the window are 2 m by 3 m Assume that the above window is inoperable and has a 2 in, wide aluminum frame with a break utilizing metal spacers. The glazing system is 21c from Table 7-3. Assume no inter exterior shading. Assume indoor comfort conditions of 22 C and30% RHDtE)1? at 11:00 am solar time. 1. Calculate the total solar radiation on the window Calculate the solar heat gain due to the window glazing only (neglect that due t framing), using the simplified approach, at the prescribed date and time 2. 3. Estimate the U factor of the glazing part of the window, assume 13 mm air space thermal resistance of the glazing sheets. Calculate the heat gain due to conduct the glazing of the window 4. Assume MW2 zone type from table 8-21, and also assume constant heat gai (and equal that calculated in part 4) through the window over the all day hour cooling load due to the heat gain in part 4 at the prescribed date and sime
12 The suction head is 1m below the pump centerline. The discharge pressure is 3 kg/cm2. The flow is calculated to be 100 m3/hr. Find the pump efficiency.
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