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Question: q4 at 20 c the osmotic pressure of a polycarbonate...

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Q4. At 20 C, the osmotic pressure of a polycarbonate was measured in chlorobenzene solution with the following results: (10 marks) Concentration (g/L) Height of chlorobenzene (cm) 0.20 0.36 0.53 0.98 Solvent density 1.10 g/cm*; polymer density 1.20 g/cm] 1.95 2.93 3.91 5.86 Estimate the (i) number average molecular weight Mn and (ii) virial coefficient B. [R- 8.314 x 107erg mor K1] Q5. Calculate the solubility parameter (6) for water at 25 °C from its heat of vaporization at the same temperature, given by H20 (H20 (g) AH2sc 10.514 kcal (5 marks) Q6. A 0.2 g sample of poly(methymethacrylate) (PMMA) sample of unknown molecular weight was dissolved in 100 ml acetone at 25 °C. Viscometry measurements using an Ubbelhode viscometer showed that pure acetone flowed in 120 seconds and the PMMA solution flowed in 160 seconds. Assuming that the concentration is sufficiently close to zero, determine the molecular weight. (5

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