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Q4. Part 2: Lagrange Equations A floating oil platform is fitted with an emergency escape system shown in Figure Q4b. This comprises a boom structure AB attached to one of the platform legs at point A. When the boom is released from the vertical position, the covered escape craft slides down the boom making contact with the sea surface well clear of the platform. Variables X and 6 are generalised coordinates to describe the position of the escape craft which has mass M. The mass and inertial properties of the boom, and any friction associated with the boom pin-joint at A, can be ignored Leg of Platform Escape craft Figure Q4b Obtain an expression for the potential energy V of the escape craft . Obtain an expression for the kinetic energy T of the escape craft . Construct using an appropriate Lagrange equation a boom equation of motion for coordinate 0 noting that the Lagrange equations in their usual form are +-=Qr (r=1,2, ,m) [10 marks]

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