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Q5.3 a,b
Q5.3 (Setup Everywhere) Consider the following batch-flow process consisting of three process steps performed by three machines Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Activity Time: 0.25 Minute/Part Activity Time: 0.20 Minute/Part Activity Time: 0.15 Minute/Part Setup Time: 30 Minutes Setup Time: 20 Minutes Setup Time: 45 Minutes Work is processed in batches at each step. Before a batch is processed at a step, the ma- chine at that step must be set up. (During a setup, the machine is unable to process any prod- uct.) Assume that there is a dedicated setup operator for each machine (i.e., there is always someone available to perform a setup at each machine.) a. What is the capacity of step 1 if the batch size is 35 parts? b. For what batch sizes is step 1 (2, 3) the bottleneck?
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