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The number of successes and the sample size for a simple random sample from a population are given. a. Determine the sample proportion. b. Decide whether using the one-proportion z-interval procedure is appropriate. c. If appropriate, use the one-proportion z-interval procedure to find the confidence interval at the specified confidence level. x= 120, n= 200, 99% level a. What is the sample proportion? b. Is the one-proportion z-interval procedure appropriate? O A. O B. Yes, because x or n-x are at least 5. No, because n-x is less than 5 C. Yes, because x and n-x are both at least 5 O D. No, because x is less than 5 c. Select the correct choice below and fill in any answer boxes within your choice. 0 A. The 99% confidence interval is from 1 to (Round to three decimal places as needed.) The one-proportion z-interval procedure is not appropriate O B.


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