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Qm 100 s-1500 rpm 70 H 60 RI R2 Pa Im Im2 10 n Pa 0 05 1152 25 335 [20 pts.] A pump given by the characteristic curve is used in the process shown above. The fluid with density of ρ = 1019 kg/m「filled by a hydrostatic qm, = 10 kg/min flow rate. Laminar valve resistances are R1 = 400 N . min/kg . m2 and R2-600 N·min/kg . m. tank area A = 0.1 m2 a) Find the hydrostatic pressure and flow rate of the pump and determine the nominal operating point on the load line b) About the operating point derive an AC equivalent pump model and then the dynamic model valid for small variations 3)

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