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Qu 1-Provisions Instructions I helip Question 1 (of 2 + Save&Ext Submit 1000 points TR12-3 Provision-Measurement (LO 12-4 Consider the folowing three cases Case 1 Acompany has four ๒g-dams otstardeg. each tr $106000. There for four payouts sa10%chance that one daim wa be paid out, a 10% charde nat two wa be paid ou t, a 5% chance for tree, and a 5% chance Case 2 A company has four legl dlaims outstanding.each for $105,000 There isa 10% chance that one daim wil be paid out, a 50% chance that two wil be paid out a 5%chance for thee, and a 15% chance for four payouts chance for four payouts Required turing darns ottaeng. each br S108,000. Then .30% chance rat one claim wa be paid out a 20% chance that two wil be paid out a 20% chara tr me, and a 20% case, decide i some payout is kely or mot ikely and calculate the expected value 20 4) FIo
Question 2 ot 2 Save & ExtSubmit 1000 points TR12-5 Provision-Warranty (LO 12-4) Helpi Auto Parts Ltd. offers a s-month warranty on parts that the company has installed. This warranty ensures that parts are working as intended. The warranty covers the cost of parts, plus labour for repairs warranty costs are est ated to be 1.5% of sales tr parts pks 3% of sales for labour On 1 Aprl the warranty latiny had a S17,400 ona balance war anty wok n Apri o sred S10,050 of parts and $17,850 of labour. Sales amounted to $640,000 in Apri Required: 1. What amount of warranty expense should be recorded in Apri? What is the balance in the waranty provision alt the end of Api
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