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Question: question identify the thesis in the following passage in...

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Question : Identify the thesis in the following passage in 1-2 sentences only.


The data used to estimate the value of unpaid household labor is provided by the American Census Bureau. In order to make an accurate estimate of unpaid household labor the data provided must be as complete as possible. It would seem that data compiled by the Census Bureau would be the most accurate and in depth information available. The data also provides the ability to estimate unpaid labor based on sex as each job is separated into the wages earned by man and by women. The data also provides median expected wages so you could estimate unpaid labor by using the median wage for each job. There are as with any data set limitations on how accurate the estimate can be. For example, the census is compiled by sending out the census in the mail and then hoping that people complete and return the survey. Therefore, it has to be expected that many people simply did not fill out and return the survey. If most of the citizens who did not return the survey were from lower economic classes that would mean that the wages in the survey would be artificially inflated.  On the contrary if large number of citizens who have high incomes did not respond to the survey then the wages would be artificially deflated. Therefore, the data is only as accurate as the group of citizens who responded to the survey.


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