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 Question 1 : The government wishes to appoint a task force consisting of health managers, doctors and nurses.  There are 20 managers, 70 doctors and 180 nurses.  If the task force is to be truly representative and there are only to be 30 people on the task force, how many managers, doctors and nurses should be on the panel.  Give your answers in the space provided to the nearest whole number and in order of managers, doctors and nurses.  

   Question 2 : n order to determine if more staff should be employed, Buddings have recently surveyed the number of people waiting outside until the store openings.  The results for the last 12 days were:  12, 6, 7, 1, 10, 9, 5, 11, 3, 4, 10, 8  Calculate: (a) the mean [Answer to 1 decimal place]  (b) the median [Answer to 1 decimal place]  (c) the mode [Answer to whole number]   mean   median   mode

Question 3 : A recent study of 35 ATP students were asked the cost of their monthly internet charges.  The results are shown in the following table:

Cost ($)

Frequency (f)

Number of students












Calculate:  (a) the mean [Answer to 2 dp]

(b) the standard deviation [Answer to 2 dp]

(c) the interquartile range [Answer to whole number]

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