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Question: question 1 008 pts carbon emissions from china from 1980...

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Question 1 0.08 pts Carbon emissions from China from 1980 to 2006 (select all that apply): - Increased 600%. Increased 300%. Surpassed the contribution of the United States. Increased global emissions by 300%. Declined after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Question 2 0.08 pts As global temperatures warm, respiration will Potentially exceed photosynthesis. Remain equal to photosynthesis. Potentially will decrease below photosynthesis. Become a carbon sink. Potentially incorporate higher levels of carbon into land masses. Question 3 0.08 pts As Earth warms, precipitation will increase (select all that apply) Uniformly n On average. n To a greater extent in mid-latitudes compared to the equator To a greater extent in the arctic compared to mid-latitudes. Mainly in oceanic regions compared to land. Question 4 0.08 pts A larger temperature gradient between the stratosphere and ocean surface Decreases air current speed. Increases ocean current speed. Increases clarity of ocean skies. Increases the strength of major storms. Increases ocean floor erosion.

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