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Question: question 1 3 points saved what is the wildcard character...

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Question 1 (3 points) Saved What is the wildcard character in the SELECT clause to show all columns? % (percent sign) & (ampersand) * (asterisk) $ (dollar sign) Question 2 (3 points) Saved A column alias can be assigned with the keyword AS to choose the display name in the header; without an alias, the default display name for a column value is the column name What is the default display name for a calculated value? The name of the column used in the calculation x N/A> O The name of the previous column No column name) Question 3 (3 points) Saved What character is used as the standard concatenation operator in SQL Server? +(plus sign) (colon) & (ampersand) Il (double bar) Question 4 (3 points) Arithmetic operators are processed in SQL according to the standard order of precedence. How can you override this order? By using parentheses ( By using square brackets D By using curly brackets 0 By placing the operations of different lines

Question 5 (3 points) Application of the keyword DISTINCT in your SELECT clause has which effects (choose all that apply) SELECT DISTINCT Vendorcity, VendorState FROM Vendors; It automatically sorts by the values in the first column It makes the SELECT keyword unnecessary It inserts unique values that would otherwise be missing in the results It removes duplicate rows from the target table It prevents identical rows from being included in the results Question 6 (3 points) What is important to remember when using the TOP keyword to limit your results? SELECT TOP 5 VendorID, InvoiceTotal FROM Invoices ORDER BY InvoiceTotal DESC; Never use conditions in the WHERE clause Always include WITH TIES Always include an ORDER BY clause Never use PERCENT

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