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Question: question 1 60 nc 20 nc 20 nc a 45...

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Question 1 -6.0 nC 2.0 nC 2.0 nC a 45° 45 1.0 nC If a - 6.75 cm, what would be the force on the 1.0 nC charge at the bottom of the fioure? Express your answer in component form. Question 2 Consider two charges, where one (+3.50 nc) is at the origin and the other (-12.2 nC) is at the position x 2.22 cm. Find the x-coordinate where a proton would experience zero net force Answer k Submit Answer below to submit all 2 of your answers. Sutemt Answer Tres 3/10 Prevlous Tries This discussion is closed Type here to search
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