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QUESTION 1, A 1M DIAMETER FLOOD GATE PLACED VERTICALLY IS 4M BELOw THE WATER LEVEL AT ITS HIGHEST POINT. THE GATE IS HINGES AT THE TOP (A). COMPUTE THE REQUIRED HORIZONTAL FORCE Ft. Assume that the pressure on the other side of the gate is atmospheric pressure ana neglect the weight of the gate. 4.5m (1) Question 2: The pressure variation in any static fluid is described by the basic pressure relationship dz Where P is the density, g is the gravitational acceleration, p is the pressure and z is measured upward. For ideal gases, the equation of state is Where R is the gas constant (R- 0.287 kJ/kg/K for air) and T is the temperature measured in Kelvin. (a) Start from equation 1.1 with coordinate transformation, and the ideal gas law, show that the pressure variation in the atmosphere is given as: a. where R is the gas constant for air, a is the lapse rate R-287 J/K/kg, subscript s-sea-level Ts-(15+273)K, = 288 K (b) Determine the pressure and density at z-2000m.
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