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Question 1 (a) Compare the heat loss from an insulated and an uninsulated pipe under the following conditions. The pipe has a very high thermal conductivity of k 400W/m.K, and internal and external diameters of 10em and 12em, respectively. Saturated steam flows inside the pipe at 110°C. The pipe is located in an environment at 30°C and the heat transfer coefficient on its outer surface is 15W/mK. The insulation available to reduce heat losses is Scm thick and it conductivity is 0.20 W/m.К. (b) Estimate the overall heat transfer coefficients based on the inner area and outer of the pipe U and Un respectively for both cases, the pipe without and with insulation. Please, write clearly the units of these coefficients e) Compare the valucs of these overall beat transfer coeffcent, and bricfly explain how they affect the respective heat flows
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