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Question 1 As a practicing health professional you are quite concerned about the lack of sun smart behavior among your community members; you have even heard some people boasting about not using sunscreen and proudly showing off their sun burns. You are quite aware of the beneficial effects of sunscreen and would like to conduct your own research project to demonstrate to others the benefits of using sun screen in terms of prevention and reduction of the cases of melanoma. It has been few years since you passed EPID1000 and are a bit rusty on different study designs so you immediately email your ex-unit coordinator to send you all the materials (especially lecture recordings and tutorial notes) but you don’t get any reply. Eventually, on an old USB you found everything.

Please give us a short description of how each design can be used to demonstrate the benefits of using sun screen. 

a)     Cross-sectional study.

b)    Prospective Cohort study.

c)     Retrospective Cohort study.

d)    Case Control study.

e)     Quasi-experimental study.

f)     Randomized controlled trial


(No need to worry about the ethics for e and f parts); this is a hypothetical exercise to assess your understanding of different study designs).

Note: Please be specific about the specified exposure and outcome given for this question. No marks for writing general design features from the lectures. We want you to ‘apply’ your knowledge of study designs in light of the given scenario.


Question 2 

Write null and a non-directional alternative hypotheses that can be tested with an Independent Samples t test. Briefly describe, and report on the assumption at the analysis stage. Provide complete interpretation of your results including their statistical and practical significance.



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