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QUESTION 1 Asa the HR manager should know the ways that people join the organization and move to different positions within it strategy architect cultural steward talent manager business ally O credible activist QUESTION 2 Which of the following is an implication of e-HRM for the HRM practice of analysis and design of work? D job openings can be posted online and candidates can apply for jobs online. ○ Onlne learning can bring training to employees anywhere, anytime. Online simulations, including tests, videos, and e-malil, can measure job candidates ability to deal with real-life business challenges Employees in geographically dispersed locations can work together in virtual teams using video, e-mail, and the Internet. Employees can review salary and bonus information and seek information about and enroll in benefit plans QUESTION 3 The HRM function during downsizing is to terminating the workers who: are less valuable in their performance have the least experience in the industry have spent the least amount of time with the organization. are older than the other employees are being paid the highest salaries Click Save and Submit to save and submit. Click Save All Anesuvers to save all ansuwers MacBook Pro a4 2 3 4 6 8
QUESTION4 Which of the following is a trend that is seen in todays high-performance work systems? Mismatches in technical system and social system Employee empowerment in decision making Increase in individual assignments Centralized decision making Reduced reliance on knowledge workers QUESTIONS to the use of quantitative tools and scientific methods to analyze data from human resource databases and other sources to decisions that support business goals. O Conjoint analysis Workforce analytics Career development Task analysis QUESTION 6 Henry is a human resource consultant who runs and operates his own business from his home. He is often hired by businesses to present c workshops on various topics within his field of expertise. Henry is an: on-call worker temporary employee. contract company worker. temporary worker Click Save and Submit to save and submit.Click Save All Answers to save all answers MacBook Pro Dn
_2it, 4 S i , 8 , 11 12 13 1.1516 17 18 1, 20 21-22. 23E QUESTION 7 Which of the following is the reason why more organizations are looking overseas to hire talented people? Lack of technology in the U.S Lack of skiled labor in the US. Poor quality of labor in the U.S. Governmental pressure to do so Low cost of labor in foreign countries QUESTION 8 Which of the following HR functions includes preparing and distributing employee handbooks that detail company polidies and, in large organizati publications such as a monthiy newsletter or a Web site on the organizations intranet? Recruitment and selection Maintaining positive employee relations Ensuring compliance with labor laws Planning and administering pay and benefits QUESTION9 The parties with an interest in the companýs success-typically, shareholders, the community, customers, and itute the of a stakeholders strategic piartners Click Saue and Submit to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all anssuers. MacBook Pro 2 3 4 5 6 8 9
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