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Question: question 1 changing organizations is recognized as a creative process...

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Question 1 Changing organizations is recognized as a creative process as well as_____________________. a. Unrealistic one b. rational one c. high stress one d. non-frustrating 0.4 points Question 2 What does the text book recognize for those involved in managing organizational change? managing people is difficult apprehension tensions joy 0.4 points Question 3 According to the text Back in 1999 Fiorina joined HP. The company was in serious need of what? money merger gratitude guidance 0.4 points Question 4 What happened for many of Kodak's employees regardless of the success of the company? future looked bright future looked bleak job promotions increased merged with McDonalds 0.4 points Question 5 We may see our organizations as mini societies or___________________? cultures conglomerates learning organizations visionary 0.4 points Question 6 In relating management as control how is the organization treated? as a business as people who need management control as a machine people who are coersive 0.4 points Question 7 In more recent origins managing is seen as being about____________________. corporate capabilities showing dominance and control destabilizing the organization for re-organization shaping an organization and what happens in it 0.4 points Question 8 What are managers often faced with when told to change their organizations and organizations are at risk? competitive forces dilemna scam paradox 0.4 points Question 9 What is one focus for explaining change? internal compliance environmental pressures internet availability stake holders 0.4 points Question 10 In order to to be seen as professional, modern or progressive managers may change their organizations in line with____________________. least innovative in leadership prcatices the latest innovation in management practices research methods cultural differences 0.4 points Question 11 What did a study by Meyer. Brooks, and Goes show? strategic and structural changes organizations not humanistic enough how changes in hospitals in the 1960's were revolutionary and related to a stable environment. transformational change 0.4 points Question 12 First order, incremental change may involve adjustments in systems, processes, or structures. True False 0.4 points Question 13 Adaptive changes are NOT incremental nor reactive to changes made by organizations. True False 0.4 points Question 14 Autocratic organizations discourage initiative by removing responsibility. True False 0.4 points Question 15 How a diagnostic device is used also relates to what sort of manager of changes you are. True False 0.4 points Question 16 The change manager as _____________________also will find the diagnostic tools attractive. innovator director delegator navigator 0.4 points Question 17 Which change manager will be less convinced of the capacity of the diagnostic tools to support radical change? strategist coach caretaker navigator 0.4 points Question 18 What part of the six-box organizational model relates to the question: Do all tasks have incentives? Purposes Rewards Structures Leadership 0.4 points Question 19 What is one of the most commonly cited causes for the lack of success of organizational change? no change leader strategic process for change favor for change resistance to change 0.4 points Question 20 People will often embrace change and work enthusiastically in support of change. True False 0.4 points Question 21 In respect to perspective on resistance to change: which is identified as resistance is expected ? Navigator Caretaker Coach Interpreter 0.4 points Question 22 Kirkpatrick identifies the which of the following as job changes may occur? Security Prestige Status Responsibility 0.4 points Question 23 OD as a change intervention technique has developed over time, being influenced by a number of different theories. True False 0.4 points Question 24 Humanistic values relate to openess, honesty, and integrity. True False 0.4 points Question 25 What is identified as needed in order to work with groups and gain their trust in order to provide them with counseling and coaching necessary to develop and change? Intrapersonal skills Interpersonal skills meta-personal skill general consultation skills

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