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Question 1 Get help answering graphing questions One day, an exploratory team departs from the base camp in the direction 45° below the +x axis. This means the teams first displacement of the day makes an angle of -45 with the +x axis. Suppose this displacement has a magnitude of AV8 km Drag the tail of the blue arrow to the origin (the location of the base camp), and then drag the head of the blue arrow to the appropriate location to represent A. After lunch, the team completes a second displacement-call it B. At the end of this second displacement, the team must be at the remote camp. Drag the tail and the head of the red arrow such that it represents this second displacement. ·Drag the tail and head of the black arrow such that it represents the total displacement of the team. Call this net displacement S·In other words, draw the black arrow such that S-A+B. when you have positioned the arrows representing the vectors, submit your answer for grading Click here to start -4

Remote Camp Al 1 km BI 1 km ist- 1 km Base Camp Grid spacing: 2 km Adding Vectors Geometrically Imagine a future expedition on the planet Mars. A team of scientists sets up an xy coordinate system to help them study the surface near their base camp at the crater Erebus. This graphic shows the coordinate system and also a grid, where the distance between adjacent parallel lines represents two kilometers (2 km) on the surface of Mars. The base camp is at the origin of the coordinate system. The head and tail of three arrows can be moved on the grid to represent displacement vectors.

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