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Question 1 The size of a data block is generally a multiple of the block size Quiz 0 HEWL E fs 17 10 144 ho
There are three questions listed below. Based on the content in the M02 Readings, answer each question. After completing,submit this assignment to the M02 Assignment link on hylearn (10 points) Below is some data that has been provided to an online merchant in a letter. This letter can be considered unstructured data. Based on the definition of structured and unstructured data, convert the following letter to structured data 1. John, Im a first-time customer and Id like to purchase one Atrium Lounge Chair at the cost of $300.00. I understand that the shipping would be $50 for an item this big. Please send an invoice so that I can provide you with a check payment for the items being purchased. Thanks in advance, Lisa Jones ANSWER: 49 5 6 8
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