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Question: question 1 what is the importance of a marketing plan...

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Question 1: What is the importance of a Marketing Plan? How might the development and implementation of a Marketing Plan differ between a SME to an MNE? Question 2: What is the Adoption Process? Discuss each stage. Question 3: What is CRM? How can marketers “reactivate” customer purchases? Question 4: What is a Strategic Plan? Detail the process and importance of the plan. Question 5: Evaluate the pricing strategies and tactics used by retailers. Determine which strategies are viable with the threat of new entrants. Question 6: What is the BCG Matrix? Discuss the Growth-Share Matrix and each quadrant. Question 7: What is the Product Lifecycle. What challenges doe the PLC model provide marketers? Question 8: What public policy issues in pricing exist? Discuss the pricing strategies within channel levels. Question 9: Discuss product failure. What possible causes of failure exist? Question 10: What is a Vertical Marketing System (VMS)? Question 11: What factors can influence a consumer wants, needs and resulting behavior? Question 12: What digital tools can be used by marketers to reach consumers? Discuss some of benefits. Question 13: How can a marketer engage through online Social Networks? Question 14: Discuss the Consumer Decision Making process. What factors influence this process? Question 15: What external and internal sources exist for New Product ideas. Question 16: What are the two broad pricing strategies? Discuss. Question 17: What is the Supply Chain? How do you locate a product within the supply chain?

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