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Question 10 (25 marks) (a) State the key processes in the Rankine cycle. (5 marks) (b) A water/steam power plant below (Figure 2) uscs a simple non-superheated Rankine cycle. It operates under steady flow conditions on steam between a condenser pressure of 0.30 bar and boiler pressure of 40 bar. A pump is used to feed the boiler, producing saturated steam
The steam is used to extract work from an isentropio turbinie. You may assume there are no pressure losses in the boiler and condenser. The specific volume of liquid water is 0.001 m /kg. Boiler Turbine Condenser Feed pump Figure 2 i) Using the thermodynamics table (provided), find the unknown quantities (marked as Y) in the following table at different points of the Rankine eycle (A to E). (12 marks) Poin Pressure Temperature Enthalpy Entropy (Jkg Steam quality t (bar) A 0.3 B 40 с 140 D 40 E 0.3 (kJ/kg) K) ii) Calculate the work done by the feed pump ii) Calculate the work extracted through the turbine iv) Calculate the net work extracted v) Calculate the heat supplied by the boiler vi) Calculate the heat removed by the condenser vii) Calculate the cycle efficiency vii) Check if your calculations are in agreement with the first law of thermodynamies? (I mark) (I mark) (1 mark) (1 mark) (I mark) (2 marks) Justify your answer. (I mark)
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