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QUESTION 13 You read the Electricity City Utility Company has problems. Its headquarters had an expansive retaining wall collapse during a flood last week. This led to toxic coal ash flows that buried homes and even caused a few fatalities. An editorial claims that the company will not be held accountable to the same standards as the asbestos companies that paid severe fines and even went out of business due to their lack of attention to environmental clean-up. You agree with the writer because you recently studied about the various competitive markets and utility companies clearly fall under monopolistic competition O True O False QUESTION 14 A monopoly occurs when there is a single seller for a product or service. O True O False QUESTION 15 A free-market economic system is one in which the market of buyers and sellers decides what is produced, how much is produced and how it is distributed O True O False QUESTION 16
UESTION 16 Sean received an ad for bundled television, phone, and Internet service that cost substantially more than he is currently paying. At the same time, he received a notice from his utility company that summer rates would be increasing. His textbooks are costing twice as much as they did last year, and yesterday, gas cost 30 cents more per gallon than it did last week. He cant help but marvel at how prices are rising when so many people have lost their jobs and are cutting back on expenditures. He is certain that this situation is an example of stagflation. O True ○ False QUESTION 17 The measurement of total sales volume at all stages of production is called the gross domestic product (GDP). O True ○ False QUESTION 18 Aubrey is the office manager of a service company. Recently, she approved the request for new computers and office equipment for the entire office. If Aubreys company is like most service companies, she will probably see a big jump in the productivity figures reported for workers in her office O True O False Save All Answers
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