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18 CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Statics 1.31 Resolve the 360-lb force into components along the cables AB and AC. Use a 60° and B 40° 1.32 The supporting cables AB and AC are oriented so that the components of the 360-lb force along A B and AC are 190 lb and 210 lb, respectively. Determine the angles or and B. 360 lb Figure P1.31, P1.32 1.33 The two forces shown act on the structural member AB. Determine the magnitude of P such that the resultant of these forces is directed along AB. 1.34 The resultant of the two forces has a magnitude of 800 lb. Determine the direction of the resultant and the magnitude of P 1.35 The forces acting on the bob of the pendulum are its weight W (W 2 lb) and the tension T in the cord. When the pendulum reaches the limit of its swing at 0 30, it can be shown that the resultant of W and T is perpendicular to the cord. Determine the magnitude of T in this position.
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