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Question 16 (a,b,c,e )
One way of naming amines is to name in alphabetical order the lkyl groups attached tP the nitrogen atom, using the prefixes di- and tri- if the groups are the same. An example is isopropylamine, whose formula is shown above. What are names for (a), (b), (c), and (d)? Build hand-held molecular models for the compounds in parts (a)-(d). PRACTICE PROBLEM 2.16 NMe2 N (c) Write bond-line formulas for (e) propylamine, (2) trimethylamine, and (a) ethylisopropylmethylamine.
Question 2.25 (all)
PRACTICE PROBLEM 2.25 The compounds in each part below have the same (or similar) molecular weights. Which compound in each part would you expect to have the higher boiling point? Explain your answers. -/\ (b) (CH3)3N or A factor (in addition to polarity and hydrogen bonding) that affects the melting point of many organic compounds is the compactness and rigidity of their individual molecules. . Molecules that are symmetrical generally have abnormally high melting points, tert Busyl alcohol,for example, has a much higher melting point than the other isomeric alcohols shown here: tert-Butyl alcohol (mp 25 °C) Butyl alcohol (mp-90 °C) Isobutyl alcohol (mp-108 °c) sec-Butyl alcohol (mp-114 c)
Question 2.30 (b,e)
2.30 Identify all of the functional groups in each of the following compounds: Cholesterol Vitamin Da HO ./LocH20% Demerol OMe Aspartame O NH2 CH3 ﹀ Amphetamine NH2 H (g) (f) A cockroach repellent found in cucumbers Me A synthetic cockroach repellent
Question 2.33 (all)
Question 22 (all)
PRACTICE PROBLEM 2.22 Write bond-line formulas for three esters with the formula C$H1002
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