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Question: question 1andnbspandnbsp 10 markscomplete the following sentencesaandnbsp xerxes came from...

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Question 1   (10 marks)

Complete the following sentences:

a)  Xerxes came from the _______________family, the ruling dynasty in Persia.

b) The Greeks tended to refer to all Persians as ____________ even though this name represented only one group within the Persian Empire.

c)  Xerxes’ father _________________was not the rightful successor but came to kingship because he successfully usurped the throne.

d) Xerxes used the ‘Harem Inscription’ to legitimise his succession. This inscription states that Xerxes became king ‘by the will of_____________________.’

e)  The ______________was at the very top of the Persian military structure.

f)  The _________________were the second level of the civil and military structure.

g) The 10,000___________________ were elite Persian troops—the King’s bodyguard.

h) The Persians set up __________________throughout the Empire as a practical way to keep loyal troops close to potential trouble spots.

i)   To exact revenge for their support and participation in the Ionian Revolt, Xerxes’ father fought the mainland Greeks at ________________in 490 BC.

j)   Xerxes became King in 486 BC but ______ years passed before he invaded Greece.

Question 2   (10 marks)

For each of the following statements, bold or underline either true or false.

a)      Xerxes claimed his reign was supported by the god Ahuramazda.                    T       F

b)     As the eldest son of the King, Xerxes automatically succeeded to the throne. T       F

c)      A satrap was the name given to a Persian military commander.                       T       F

d)     Persia’s vast military machine was financed from taxes and tribute.                  T       F

e)      Like his father before him, Xerxes invaded Greece solely by sea.                     T       F

f)       The Spartan King Leonidas defeated the Persians at Thermopylae.                 T       F

g)     A female’s social status was determined by level of wealth.                              T       F

h)     Aeschylus’ account of Salamis is possibly an eyewitness account.                   T       F

i)       Xerxes was present to support his troops at Plataea and Mycale.                    T       F

j)       Except for control of the Ionian coast, Xerxes died with his empire intact.        T       F



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