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Question 2 - C2 (11 marks) Water at 25°C (Stream 1) is flowed through a long heated pipe at a rate of 10kg/hr to produce steam at 150°C (Stream 2). The steam is then fed into a reactor. Methane is also fed into the reactor (Stream 3) to react with the steam to produce hydrogen and carbon monoxide (Stream 4). This is illustrated in the figure below Heated pipe Reactor 4 The reaction occurring in the reactor can be represented by the following reaction equation H20 + CH4CO3H2 Methane is fed at 20kg/hr. This reaction is endothermic and has an enthalpy of reaction of H +220 kJ/kmol of CH4 reacted Notation Molecular mass Specific heat capacity and latent heat values Cp (water liquid) - 4200 J/kg.K Cp (water steam) - 1300 J/kg.K Latent heat of evaporation (water) - 2256000 J/kg H20- water CH4 - methane CO -carbon monoxide C -12 kg/kmol 0 -16 kg/kmol H -1 kg/kmol H2 - hydrogen gas 2.1) (3 marks) Determine the amount of heating that needs to be provided by the heated pipe

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