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Question: question 2 creating a multimodal text 20 marks imagine...

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Question 2 – Creating a multimodal text (20 marks)

Imagine that you are one of the women prisoners in The Shoe-Horn Sonata. You want viewers of a web page to understand and be moved by your experiences.

(a)  Create a web page (in an offline format) which depicts or illustrates your experiences in the prisoner-of-war camp, and which reflects the feelings you had at the time.

Your web page is to be included in a memorial website to commemorate the 75th anniversary of your liberation.

You should provide a title and caption for your web page.

(b)  Attach your web page to your assignment.

(c)   Reflect on the web page you have created. What techniques have you used to shape the viewer’s response? What effect would you like your web page to have on viewers? How is your web page different from a written description?

Write approximately 150 words.

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