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Question 2 (10 points): See the figure below of an unconfined aquifer, which is not drawn to scale. The water levels in the piezometers are indicated with respect to the bottoms of the piezometers. (a) Which way (left or right) is the groundwater flow direction? (2 points) (b) Calculate the horizontal Darcy flux (m yr) in the aquifer. (2 points) (c) Calculate the volumetric discharge (Q, m2 day per unit thickness) through the aquifer. (2 points) (d) What does the given K imply about the likely geologic material? (2 points) (e) Based on your answer to part d, what is the likely average groundwater travel time in the aquifer from point A to point C or from point C to point A (depending on what flow direction you determined in part a)? (2 points) Figure adapted from Hiscock and Bense, 2014 3.34 m 7 2.65 m 2.35 m .l..:.72 m 700 m 1610 m... Base of aquifer . .. .. K- 200 m day .. Datum 0m

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