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QUESTION 2 115 marks (a) Consider the message M- 1010001101. Calculate the 5-bit cyclic redundancy check (CRC) for this message using the divisor polynomial X·X + X, 1 6 marks] i.e. P-110101). State the codeword for message M (b) Figure 2 shows an incomplete mapping between OSI and TCP/IP model. OSI TCP/IP 7 Application Layer 6 Presentation Layer 5 Session Layer 4 Transport Layer 4 3 Network Layer 2 Data Link Layer 1 Physical Layer 2 Figure 2 ) Complete the TCP/MP model in Figure 2 5 marks (ii) Identify TWO (2) layers of TCP/IP model that perform error checking. Compare and describe the difference between these two levels of error 4 marks] checking mechanism
QUESTION 3 115 marks )A network engineer would like to connect her computer to a Quidway $3700 switch for configuring the switch. Suggest TWO (2) methods to connect and 5 marks briefly describe the cable used for each method. (b) Assuming the network engineer has connected her computer to the Quidway S3700 switch but she was unable to get any response from the switch. Discuss the troubleshooting procedures for the TWO (2) methods of connection suggested in part (a) 5 marks (c) Now she has connected her computer to the Quidway $3700 switch using Hyperterminal and she has the COM4 default properties as shown in Figure 3 Determine the changes required to these default properties in Figure 3 before she can establish the communication to the switch. 5 marks COMA Properties 2400 Party Figure 3: A window capture from COM4
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