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Question 2 125 marks] The soil profile at a site is shown in Figure 2. Assume the bulk and saturated unit weights of the two sands as 17.0 kN/m and 19.0 kN/m2, respectively. The properties of the two clay layers are summarised below. Property Overconsolidated Normally consolidated Natural moisture content (%) Specific gravity of the grains Compression index Recompression index Overconsolidation ratio clay 24.0 2.74 0.45 0.07 1.5 clay 29.0 2.74 0.45 0.07 1.0 Page 2 of 5
If a 3.0 m high fill (unit weight- 18.5 kN/m) is placed on the ground covering a large the two clay layers? tent, what would be the consolidation settlement, considering t 1.5 m ense gravelly sand sand 2 m Overconsolidated clo 2 m Dense sand Normally consolidated clay Figure 2. Soil profile
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