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Question: question 2 15 points 1 we have learned in class...

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Question 2        [15 Points]

1. We have learned in class that TCP is a reliable protocol. Considering this, answer the questions below:

(a) Can an application running over UDP send data reliably? (2.5 Points) 





















(b) Why would an application developer, who wants to build an application which sends data reliably, want to use UDP instead of TCP?    (2.5 Points)



























2. The header fields for TCP (Figure 2) and UDP (Figure 3) are shown below (recall 1 byte = 8 bits):


Figure 2



Figure 3


The Data field in both figures signifies the data from the application layer while the other fields are the TCP (the number in brackets are the bit length of the particular field) and UDP header fields, respectively. Assuming that the transport layer always breaks the data (from the application layer) into 1000 bytes chunks (for both protocols) for application A before adding the Transport layer header, what is the overhead (extra number of bytes sent) if TCP was used instead of UDP to transmit 1 million segments of application A. You can assume all segments reached the destination without errors. You can also assume that the options field in the TCP header is 32 bits for all the segments. (5 Points)












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